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About Us

We are a commercial general contractor that specializes in multi-family, senior living, and income producing properties. We are focused on using construction services to create value. We like to build projects where our customers realize a strong return on their investment in our services. We are based in Puyallup WA, and serve clients throughout the greater Puget Sound area.


Here are a few things we’ve worked on recently. 

Heat Straightening

Heat Straightening is the process of using the expansion and contraction of steel through targeted heating and cooling cycles to repair damage.

Heat Straightening is often used to repair steel bridges that have been damaged by traffic collisions. Heat Straightening can provide an economical alternative to replacement. BlackRock Construction is one of the very few contractors that has the skill and experience to perform these repairs.

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What Sets BlackRock Apart?


We're obsessed with creating value


We understand the business of investment real estate


Broad experience – We provide complete solutions for property owners

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